Welcome to Fairhope Boat Company

Fairhope Boat Company is your one-stop shop for your kayak, canoe, and sailing obsession. Come in and find out the best boat for you. Our experienced staff can answer all your questions, from what type of boat to the best locations to see nature up close and personal. We also offer guided trips to the Mobile Delta and surrounding areas.


Why kayak?…fun, fitness, adventure, relaxation, companionship, education, to be one with the water…

“A kayak is a kayak”; Seriously, who didn’t think this at the beginning of their search for one? However, every kayak is designed with a different focus, different activity and different size person in mind. Choosing the correct kayak is a fun process, but a process none-the-less. We pride ourselves in helping you find the best kayak for your activity. We spend time educating you about the difference in kayaks, and ultimately giving you enough information to choose the kayak that will make your world of kayaking the most rewarding it can be. A properly chosen kayak can introduce you to a lifetime of fun on the water.

At any given time, we have 50-60 kayak models on display in our store. Not the color you like on display? Chances are, we have 2 or 3 other color choices in the warehouse. Representing 12 brands of kayaks, we stock the kayaks that best suit our widely diversified paddling area. Obviously, it being impossible to stock every model of every brand, know that if we don’t have the model in which you are interested, we can obtain it from the manufacturer. Representing the best quality products in the industry, we are pleased to identify our kayak brands below.

Wilderness Systems Kayaks
Perception Kayaks
Dagger Kayaks
Hurricane Kayaks
Hobie Kayaks
Necky Kayaks
Ocean Kayak
Old Town Canoes & Kayaks
Current Designs Kayaks
Native Kayaks
Jackson Kayaks
Elie Kayaks

Sailing Gear

Fairhope Boat Company is the Laser Performance dealer for the Gulf Coast for both sailboats and accessories. We all recognize that little sailboat designed in the late 50’s – the SUNFISH. Laser Performance is the manufacturer of the most perfect sailboat in the history of sailing – do you know that the Sunfish is virtually unchanged from its’ original design of over 50 years ago?

Wanting a small sailboat with a little more technical application than the classic Sunfish? The LASER is the one for you. A fast day on the bay racing other Lasers gives the sailor a wonderful thrill. Needing a confidence building starter boat for your youngster, consider the Laser Pico – the first step to a lifetime of sailing.

Laser Performance and Fairhope Boat Company offers a whole line of sailboats.. Just talk to the sailors in our company – Tony in Fairhope or Joe in Pensacola – to learn all about local sailing, local competition, and the thrill of spending a life time sailing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There are few more knowledgeable on the Gulf Coast than our two sailors.

Fairhope Boat has long been the local sailor’s source for sailboat rigging. Tony can redo your shrouds (stays) and send one of our staff up the mast to make needed repairs. Needing new sheets, stop by and let us cut them to size.


Drop a canoe in the water, climb aboard and drift off from the bank with a sweep of the paddle…there are few activities more satisfying.

Canoeing can be the ideal option for family fun! We offer canoes for the solo paddler, or the answer to a family or friends outing. Anglers have long chosen the canoe as the craft of choice to spend a day or weekend in the quiet waters fishing for their supper.

Representing three canoe brands, we offer several sizes and models of canoes from which to choose. Whether you are interested in solo canoeing, taking the whole family on a canoe trip, or perhaps wetting a fishing line from a canoe, we can guide you through your selection process.

Mad River Canoes
Old Town Canoes & Kayaks
Wenonah Canoes

Apparel & Accessories

Thule Racks and Boxes
Malone Autoracks
Bending Branches Kayak/Canoe Paddles
Aquabound Kayak paddles
Werner paddles
Stohlquist WaterWare PFD’s
Astral Buoyancy PFD’s
Hobie Kayak Accessories
Harmony Accessories
Carlisle Accessories
Watertrail Accessories
Sea to Summit
Pelican Products – dry boxes, kayak lights
Watershed dry bags
Danuu Covers
Cascade Creek
Darby Extend-A-Truck
Eagle Nest Outfitters hammocks
New England Rope
Seals Skirts
Scotty’s rod holder products
Sea Dog
Seattle Sports
Ozark Mountain
Waterproof Charts
Suunto Compass
Aquapak waterproof bags
Hood Loops
Chota Mukluks
Delorme Gazatteer
Lasso Lock systems